Name and Address incorrect



if your registration journey brings you to this page; this means that the automated system could not establish a strong credible credit and financial foot print that links your Name to the Address provided.

If you have changed your Name or Address recently, you may have a better chance to Verify using your old Name and or Address, as you are likely to have a well established credit history under both your old Name and old Address.

Another reason you may get the above screenshot is that the automated system did not have access to enough records to proof with certainty that you are, who you say you are, given all the evidence provided.

Your best option is to try to Verify using one of the other certified providers, please see list below:

1. Barclays

2. Digidentity (may not require a mobile device)

3. Experian (does not require a mobile device)

4. Post Office (can Verify EU Citizens)

Alternatively, you can contact the government department direct for the service you require, Stating that you were not able to verify online.


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