Not allowing me to Scan passport

The scanning software will not work if it detects a light refection on the shinny passport page!

This may work on second or third attempts.

Also, you would have receive notification and permission to allow the app access to your camera, below are the text and instructions to follow:

Download Secure Identity app – followed by 2/3 screen pop-ups (depending on the phone Android or iOS)

· (iOS) Secureidentity wants to use to sign in (Continue or Cancel) MUST Continue to by pass the QR code when using a single device.

· Secure Identity would like to send you notification (Don’t allow / allow) - MUST Allow to receive pop up App notification

· Secure Identity would like to access the camera (Don’t allow / Allow) - MUST Allow to have the ability to scan the QR code

One final point to mention is that the scanning function attempts to read the passport details using the OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) then populate the template with your personal details for you to sanity check and press Continue after you have made any necessary changes if any.

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