Recently moved but unable to change address

SecureIdentity automated software system rely on system updates from Credit Reference Agencies, government departments and other Data Providers. Collectively they may not have updated their records with your new address.

 It can take up to 90 days (even more) for your new address to be updated across multiple Data providers platforms and government departments.

In order to Verify, what the automated system look for is a well established credible credit and financial foot print, that can link your Name to the Address provided.

You may have such a strong credit trail under your old Address but it will take time and many transactions for your Name to have a strong credible credit link under the new Address.

Every 180 days, re validation process starts as a security measure in place. A sanity check to see if you have changed your Name, Address, or any of your original documents has expired or changed!

It is then that you will be requested to enter your new up-to-date details.


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