NHS users to access to the Total Reward Statement (TRS)


Please follow the above website link and it will take you to a good starting point.

1. Click on the Log in to TRS Verify
2. Choose the option - This is my first time using Verify - then Continue
3. Click Next
4. List all the companies that you can use to Verify (secure Identity being one of them)
5. Click Next
6. Click on Start now ( please note that this may take up to 20 minutes to complete)
7. Choose one of five companies on offer (Secure Identity being one)

The best route/option to register with SecureIdentity is the following set of evidence:

  1. A UK passport (also accept expired passport up to 18 months expiry date)
  2. Have a high street bank account (the automated system can only accept account with eight digit)
  3. A valid UK Driver’s licence.(issued by the DVLA)

Please bear in mind that SecureIdentity automated system required a 12 months UK address to establish a strong and credible credit and financial credit foot print that link your Name to the Address provided.

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