The three steps registration process

The three steps registration process

Step 1

Enter a valid email


Enter a password


Enter M code - received via email - can be found in Junk or Spam folder

Enter a valid mobile phone number

Enter T code - received as text.

End of step 1


Step 2

Download Secure Identity app – followed by 3 screen pop-ups

  • (iOS) Secureidentity wants to use sign in (Continue or Cancel) MUST click Continue to bypass the QR code using a single device.

  • Secure Identity would like to send you notification (Don’t allow / allow) - MUST click on Allow to receive pop up App notification
  • Secure Identity would like to access the camera (Don’t allow / Allow) - MUST click on Allow to have the ability to scan the QR code

Scan QR code

Create PIN + re Confirm PIN

End of step two


Step 3

Confirm your identity details

First name

Middle name

Last name



Next page – Post code

Select Address from drop down menu or edit to enter manually

Date moved In

Personal details Summary

Your Evidence Summary (to confirm with 4 green ticks and allow you to Add additional evidence)

List of evidence “manual data entry” depending on user’s choice/available

  • UK Passport (can by expired up to 18 months)
  • Valid Photo id UK Drivers Licence (only issued by the DVLA)
  • Bank account (bank account - only accept 8 digit)

You may also use any of the evidence below, if applicable:

  • Marriage Certificate (limited date range between 1995 - 2005)
  • Birth Certificate (limited date range between 1995 - 2005)
  • CCJ – County Court Judgement
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