The quickest way to register

With Secure Identity, the quickest way to create a digital identity is to take the following registration route;

  1. Enter details of a UK passport. (also accept expired passport up to 18 months expiry date)
  2. Enter a valid UK driver’s licence details (only issued by the DVLA)
  3. Provide details of a UK High St Bank account (account number must be eight digits only as the software does not accept any other format.

You will be asked if you want to install the Secure Identity app on your device - if you choose No, you will not be able to Verify with us.

  • When you get a pop-up message on your mobile device,
  • Click on "Allow" to receive notification on your device (being a mobile or a tablet so you can receive text confirmation).
  • Click on "OK" to allow our Secure Identity app to use your camera to scan the QR code that will hold your digital identity details.


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