UK Passport - How to scan your passport

Once you have downloaded the Simple-Sign-In app and have set your 4 digit pin you will be given the choice to scan your passport or answer questions. This guide will talk you through how to scan your passport. 

  1. You will first be shown 4 tutorial pages that will tell you tips on the best way to scan your passport. Below are those steps:

    * Only use a real passport, not a photocopy or scanned version
    * Place your phone parallel to the passport. If possible laid on a table
    * Be careful of light conditions. Avoid back-lighting
    * Be careful not to hide information from your passport with your fingers

  2. It will then open a capture screen where you need to scan your passport. (It will look like the below)

  3. When this opens, open your passport on the picture page and line up your smart-device as shown below


  4. You will need to make sure that your passport picture page lines up to the template shown on the screen of your smart-device. (Template is shown in black below, this will appear as white on your screen)

  5. You will not need to press any buttons to capture the image, this is done so automatically

  6. If you have followed all the steps correctly you will then see the Simple-Sign-In app change to show the below.

  7. Press the "Continue" button to proceed to the next step of taking a selfie to bio-metrically match your passport.
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