I’d like to remove/delete my SecureIdentity account

From the SecureIdentity Website

  • Navigate to the SecureIdentity website to access to your account

  • Click on « My Account/Deregister Your SecureIdentity” 

  • Enter your email
  • Click on ‘Sign in’

  • The following screens is displayed
  • A notification appears on your registered device (tablet or smartphone)
1. Tap the notification you receive to open the SecureIdentity Application on your device. Alternatively you can just select the SecureIdentity app icon. (Tap ‘Refresh’ if needed)

2. Tap ‘Sign In Request’    


3. Enter your PIN and Tap ‘Validate’


  • You have been successfully authenticated.


  • A screen appears on the SecureIdentity website: you just have to confirm your deregistration by clicking on ‘I Confirm’. Then you are deregistered and you are automatically back to the welcome page of the website.


Note: There is a cooling period of 30 days to allow you to cancel the deregistration, for this you just have to sign in again.

If you do not try the sign in again, your account will definitively be deregistered.

From the SecureIdentity Application

1. Open the SecureIdentity application installed on your tablet or smart phone


2. Click on the menu and choose ‘Delete SecureIdentity’

 3. Confirm the action, tap ‘OK’


 4. Enter your PIN and Tap ‘Validate’

 5. A confirmation screen is displayed, tap ‘OK’


Via a Subject Access Request


It possible also possible to send a manual request called Subject Access Request (‘SAR’) :

  • By email: the user sends his/her Subject Access Request form to help@secureidentity.co.uk
  • By telephone: 0330 100 0103
  • By postal mail: the user sends his/her printed Subject Access Request form to SecureIdentity Subject Access Request 255 Wharfedale Road, Winnersh Triangle, Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom RG41 5TP.

For more information please refer to the document How do I make a Subject Access Request (S.A.R)?

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