UK Bank Account

We currently only support UK Bank Accounts.

Unfortunately at this time we do not support building society data. We are always looking to improve the service we offer therefore please keep checking back as this may become an option in the future. 

Bank Account Format:

Sort code is 6 digits long in 3 pairs

  • E.g. 20-30-40

Bank account numbers vary in length 7, 8 or 9+ digits

If the account number is only 7 digits (eg, some Lloyds TSB account numbers), add a zero before the first number.

If the account number is over 8 digits (eg, some Santander account numbers), the customer should be advised to ask their bank which 8 digits are required.

Places to find it

  • Printed on a cheque book
  • Embossed on a debit card
  • Shown on a bank statement
  • Internet banking


NOTE: If you do not hold a UK Bank Account an alternative method of verification using CCJ (county court judgement) information can be used. 

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