I need to change my personal information e.g. phone number, home address, but I’ve already completed the registration, what do I do?

The answer to the above question will be in two fold:

To change your mobile number and or your email address, you either go within the SecureIdentity App, Open and click on Update my details;

or go to https://secureidentity.co.uk/my-account/

click on Update my details and follow on the screen instructions.

If you wish to change your Name and or Address, the automated system may not allow you to submit your new details:

Why do you wish to update your Name and or your Address? is this an urgent requirement?

The way this works is the automated system rely on Data Providers, Credit reference agencies, government departments and some financial institutions to Verify your Identity.

What they look for is a well establish and credible credit and financial foot print that link your Name to your Address.

This would be successfully proven under your old Name and or old Address but not necessarily the new details, as it takes time and several transactions to provide such a strong credit trail.

Every 180 days, a re validation kicks in, a built-in security measures to check that you are still alive, hold the same Name and live in the same Address. and that all your evidence documents initially submitted are still valid.

It is then that you will be permitted by the automated system to enter the correct (current) Name and or Address as well as get the chance to confirm all other details.


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