Who will and won’t be able to use GOV.UK Verify?

GOV.UK Verify are building a service that works for most people. To verify your identity with SecureIdentity, you will need a combination of:

  • A UK passport and / or UK driver licence or a combination of evidence click here to see alternatives
  • A credit history in the UK to allow SecureIdentity to establish that your identity is real and active, and that you are the owner of the identity

  • A UK address

  • A UK mobile phone telephone number
  • A smartphone/smart device

You may also need to be able to answer questions based on your credit reference agency file, this will depend on the method you use to register, to prove that you are the owner of the identity you’re claiming. These will be questions only you should be able to answer, and will block someone who has stolen your wallet or fraudulently obtained your passport from pretending to be you.

The overall percentage of people who can register will vary depending on the service - some services will have a higher population of people who are likely to have either a passport or driver licence and likely to have a financial history in the UK.


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