Supported device combinations

SecureIdentity supports single device registration e.g. mobile, tablet etc. However you may need to use 2 compatible devices if you do not have a single device that is supported (see below guidance if this is the case)

  • One device will be used when you visit the GOV.UK website you need. Using a normal browser, you will enter the details needed, just like registering for a new internet shopping service. This device will typically be a PC/laptop or maybe a tablet. 
  • The second device must be a "smart device" that you own and have exclusive access to. This will be a smart phone or tablet, that is able to download apps. It must be able to receive SMS/text messages and have a camera.

Below is a list of devices that can be used together in order to successfully use the SecureIdentity service. 


Supported smart device operating systems

We currently support only the Apple and Android platforms in the versions.

Android: 4.1 (JELLY_BEAN), API level 16 or above

Apple: iOS version 8 or above

  • Iphone 4s or above
  • Ipad 2 / Air or above (Inc. 3rd & 4th generation)

Currently we don't support other smart phone operating systems e.g. Windows phone

 Supported browser list can be found here





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