Scanning the QR code

After you have successfully linked your email address and telephone to your identity you will be asked to download the SecureIdentity Simple-Sign-In application to your smart-device.

If you are registering using more than one device you will be asked to scan a QR code.

Follow the steps below to successfully scan the QR code and activate the Simple-Sign-In application.

  1. Once ready and you have the below screen displayed within your application, click on "I'm ready to scan the QR code"

  2. On your 2nd devices web browser your page will be displayed as below

  3. If it has not already appeared click on the button "I've installed the app and am ready to scan the QR code". This will then reveal the QR code to scan.

  4. Going back to the Simple-Sign-In application your screen should look like below

  5. Line up the square capture area with the QR Code (black & white pattern). Don't get too close to the screen. Move your device forward or backwards so all the pattern is visible on your handheld device. You do not need to click any button to capture it is automatic

  6. If successful you will then be prompted to enter a 4 digit pin. The rest of the process will be sign posted accordingly to help you. 



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