Sign in - using SecureIdentity app or single smart-device

Using the app to sign in means you can access the GOV.UK services where ever you are. Please ensure that you have the device that your SecureIdentity is linked to and an network/internet connection. 

Using your SecureIdentity app to sign in:

  1. From the main menu, select "Sign into government services" option

  2. Choose the government service that you wish to access

  3. Once you have chosen find the "Sign in with GOV.UK Verify" option ,this is sometimes located under "other ways to apply" and select it
  4. Select the "I've used Verify before" option

  5. Select SecureIdentity from the list of identity providers

  6. Select "Sign In"

  7. Enter the email address you used to register with SecureIdentity

  8. Select the "Open" button that is displayed in blue below the animation. This will direct you back to the mobile app.

  9. Accept the sign in request by selecting the green circled tick

  10. Next you will be required you to enter your PIN

  11. Click "Ok" on the notification of success of sign in

  12. Click "Continue" button, this will direct you back to your browser and the government service you have just signed into.

If you have any problems signing in you can contact our help desk where an operator will be happy to assist you.



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