How to take a selfie?

  • Firstly download the SecureIdentity app from the iOS or Android app store.

  • Once you have done this you will be asked to enter a 4 digit pin and confirm this.

  • You will then be shown a brief tutorial on how to scan your passport and then scan your passport.

  • Before taking your selfie, you need to ensure that you are in a well-lit area and that you will be the only person in the frame.

  • Using your smart device align your face to the outline shown on the screen holding your phone in front of your face, once successfully completed an auto capture action takes place. You do not need to click any button to take the selfie picture.

  • Turn your head to enable a 3D image to be captured. This is to prove that it is a real person and not a picture of a person that is being captured.
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